Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Beautiful Burmese

I have just had two new litters of kittens arrive and always get very excited when the do. My girl Misty Dawn has presented me with six beautiful Brown kittens. These are her older sisters in the photo which have gone to their new homes. And my Siamese girl Mia has safely delivered her first litter of Tonkinese kittens. These are beautiful kittens and are all Seal Mink in colour ( Cream with Brown points ). My georgous Burmese stud boy Merlin was father to both litters. For those who don't know the Burmese is the most beautiful of cats. They are the ultimate Companion cat. Always there for you and give you heaps of entertainment as they are adventureous and very playful. Their eyes almost talk to you and their coat is as soft as silk. Once you have a Burmese in your life you will never have any other type of cat.

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